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i9 Sports

Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports

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120 Rodgers Drive W
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Fall Program Registrations Open NOW!! Visit our website or call for more information

About i9 Sports

THE i9 SPORTS EXPERIENCE: Fun, Safe, and Convenient

Fun. Children play sports to have fun.

Inclusivity. All children deserve to play and have fun. Our programs are for everyone, No child will ever be excluded by a tryout or be cut from a team.

Safety. Your child?s safety is paramount. As such, we background check each of the adults supervising your children and hire trained officials for each game to ensure that ?safe play? is enforced.

Good Sportsmanship. Learning to play the game is only half the equation. Helping children develop character is the other half. The value of teaching children teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship goes far beyond the game.

Everyone is a Winner. Healthy competition is a natural instinct. However, the ?win-at-all-costs? mentality is not only destructive to team morale, it severely undermines individual self-esteem.

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